Monessen Ambulance Service, Inc. d/b/a Mon Valley Emergency Medical Services is a non-profit 501 C (4) organization that has been in existence since 1969. 

The Service provides advanced life support, basic life support, rescue services, and Para Transit services as the primary municipally designated provider to communities in Westmoreland, Washington and Fayette counties. 


                                                            Coporate headquarters is located at 1001 Donner Avenue, Monessen, PA 15062


To provide quality Emergency Medical Care and trandportation to the residents we serve.


Board of Directors

 Cynthia L. Chelen,  Chairman

Betty Galligan, Vice Chairman

Carl Spallino, Treasurer

Rhonda L. Lynch, Secretary

Clark T. Miller M.D., BOD

John Bachinski, BOD

Kathy Dunmire, BOD

Joe Lopez, BOD

Tom Persico, BOD 



William N. Hess EMT-P,  Chief

 Karen Newman EMT,  Deputy Chief  

Paul Buchko EMT,  Assistant Chief

Chris Hepple EMT, Captain

Jeremy Keenan EMT, Lieutant

Ryan Siebert AEMT, Lieutant

Angela Brozik EMT-P, Lieutant

 Scott Marvin EMT-P , Lieutant  

Ranelle Franklin EMT, Sargeant

Field Staff    

Beene, Jana L - AEMT   

Bradley, Curtis L - AEMT   

Brozik, Angela M - EMT-P  

Braum, David V - Coach Operator  

Buchko, Paul - EMT 

 Cecil, Jody - EMT  

Coen, Linda - EMT-P 

Cowie, Wyletta - EMT

Franklin, Raenelle M - EMT  

Forney, Nashaun - EMT-P 

 Gemas, Bruce - AEMT    

Hart, Willow - EMR

Hepple, Chris E - EMT 

Heffner, Jon T - EMT  

Keenan, Jeremy T. - EMT  

Klamorick, Kevin M - EMT 

Koprvia, Alexander M - EMT 

Koper, Kerryann - EMT

Leezer, Tara E - EMT 

Leone, Gary - EMT- P  

Marvin, Scott R. - EMT-P

Miller, Travis - EMT  

Newman, Karen A - EMT  

Okonsky, Jon F - EMT  

Olson, Alena M - EMT  

Peterson, Jennifer A - EMT 

Riley, Erica A - EMT   

Schmidt, Paul M - AEMT  

Siebert, Ryan A - AEMT 

 Skibo, Clinton R - EMT-P    

Smida, Tanner T - EMT

Taylor, Rhys - Coach Operator  

Williams, Chad E - EMT   

Wyland, Taralee R - EMT-P  

Zeli, Lance - PHRN  

Zenobi, Tom - Coach Operator       

Support Staff

 Bowers, Anne M -Office Assitant

Foster, Donald- Dispatcher

Lantz, Tristan M - Dispatcher

Taylor, Channiel -  Dispatcher 

Warner, Laura - Dispatcher



 John K. Hess, Rescue Tech.

Ryan W. Hess, EMT-Rescue Tech.

Patrick Hueber, Dispatcher

Sharon L. Hess, EMT 

Brandan Newman, Rescue Tech.

David J. Newman, EMT-Rescue Tech.


Yearly Subscriptions 

Mon Valley Emergency Medical Service shall offer to residents of the areas that it serves the opportunity to become subscribers in order to receive the benefits listed below. 

The yearly rate for each subscription classification shall be determined by the ambulance service administration and subject to increases as deemed necessary. Mon Valley EMS will not refuse service to anyone in the event of an emergency regardless of said persons insurance status or ability to pay. 

Why Should You Subscribe to MVEMS
Third party billing.

What is Third-Party Billing?
Third-party billing is a program that provides reimbursement for hospitals, physicians and ambulance services. The reimbursement is based on services rendered to patients either in the hospital, or before the patient reaches the hospital. Charges for services are applied to your health care insurance (Blue Cross, Medicare, DPA, etc.) The Hospitals, physicians, or ambulance service are then reimbursed portions of these charges directly from your health insurance.

Family                            $ 65.00

    Individual                       $ 50.00      

Sr. Citizen Couple          $ 55.00

Sr. Citizen Individual      $ 45.00

Business Rates available on request

Wheel Chair and Special Transport Coach


Fees for non-emergency transportation to and from hospitals, dialysis clinics, nursing homes, doctors offices or other destinations will be as follows unless otherwise specified by specific contract.


Wheel Chair Van Transportation

one way per person.....................$ 30.00


Mileage fee per mile per person........$ 3.50


Layover fee

per hour after the first hour..........$ 22.50 per hour



Stretcher Van  Transportation

one way per person.....................$ 100.00


Mileage fee per mile per person........$ 3.50


Layover fee

per hour after the first hour..........$ 38.25 per hour


 Wheel Chair and Stretcher Van transportation fees are not covered under the annual subscription policy.  Charges incurred for wheel chair and stretcher van transportation will be billed to the individual utilizing the service who is responsible for payment in full. Mon Valley EMS reserves the right to refuse transportation to individuals with outstanding balances.


Now accepting applications for the following positions





Van Driver